Does Webroot protect and scan Microsoft SQL Server?

  • 13 January 2017
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I have a client that is using a Thomson Reuters product call Web Organizer that allows tax clients to upload files into a portal. The program then integrates the attachments into the SQL database on the staff office SQL server. The CPA office is concerned about viruses in the SQL server from these attachments. Thomson Reuters themselves disclaim liability and advise that the attachments should be scanned for viruses. However, the attachments are imported into the database automatically.

2 replies

No one knows anything about this??
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@ - If you're asking does Webroots agent scan binaries in a database blob, the  answer is no.
The agent DOES scan attachments that may come in via email or downloaded from any site as they hit the disk and will get scanned. This is managed through the realtime shield. If the attachments hit the disk before they're imported into the SQL DB, then yes, the agent will detect prior to them going into the database. 
For SQL itself, we do not scan any directory to interupt any of their processes, but we do not scan MDFs or LDFs or any binary blog.