does webroot secureanywhere business endpoint support hosting service provider server?

  • 3 December 2014
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dear sir,
   As per title, does the SecueAnywhere business suppot hosting company? Exchange server, sql server, Mail server hosted under data center.

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Are you asking if we offer those services (we don't) or are you asking if Webroot can be run on those servers (we can)!  We don't scan email, but we'll run fine on servers and scan for infections on those machines.
Thanks for the reply. Actually, I'm a reseller in Malaysia. Cause if I sell the Webroot SecureAnywhere Endpoint Protection - Business to those Hosting Service Provider.  Before I sell, I need to confirm whether it is workable or not?
My questions is :
1) Does the Webroot services able to run/support on these kinds of server?
2) You mean this services don't scan incoming/outgoing email under Email Server? Like Exchange Server, SmarterMail or other Email Server Software?  
3)   It will skip scan those folder of spool email folder (email server)?
4)  It is only scan incoming/outgoing email under Desktop PC/Laptop/Smartphone?
5) What about Web Server like MS IIS server? Does it scan those webroot/webpage.html folder? or skip it?
6) It only scan for infections on real-times? or schedules?
That's all for my questions.
thanks & regards,
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Gotcha - thanks for the further info!
1) Webroot runs fine on any kind of server.  
2) Webroot doesn't do any email scanning.  We used to offer that as a service but it is retired.  If you're looking for email filtering then you'll need to look at a different product.
3) Webroot only looks at running processes, rather than scanning every file on the computer.  That's part of how we're able to be so fast.  
4) The desktop version doesn't do email scanning either
5) Again, it doesn't scan all of the files, just the active processes
6) It scans real-time - any new unrecognized process gets reviewed against our database and all it's activities are journaled in case it turns out to be malicious.  That way we can roll back to a pre-infected state easily.
Hope that helps and please let me know if you'd like me to put you in touch with our reseller program folks.
one last about if open an email attachment (using PC) with infection....does the Webroot able to stop it?
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If the attachment tries to run any processes then Webroot will scan it at that point.  I can't claim we catch 100% of everything, but our system is pretty solid 🙂
Thanks . I think I get the answer. 
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Sure thing, happy to help!