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  • 27 August 2015
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Hi all,
I have one computer at my customers site that i support keep droping out the webroot proxy service. So this causes the user to reapply the settings to IE or what ever bbrowser they user or/and restart the service for it to work . Can someone help with this.
Things I've done.:
Update the webroot to version 50.66.28038
reinstalled a fresh copy
there is no time between drop outs it could be 10 or 30 min mostly when the computer is inactive and not being used.
This is windows 7 pro x64 .
Your help is much appreciated.

5 replies

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This is an issue we've seen before and have a bug entry for, but we haven't been able to narrow down a root cause yet.

I see you have created a ticket in our system which is good - one of our support reps should get back to you.

In the meantime I talked to our escalations team and they requested that you try changing up the hibernate settings to see if you can get it stop happening. Or compare the hibernate settings from this computer to the others in your office.

Also, is this a normal desktop or a Surface tablet? Apparently it's more prone to happen on the Surface tablets.
Thank you for your reply nic 🙂 This is a desktop machine . I will have a look at the hibernate settings and see/compare with other computers if there will be any change in the drop outs.
Will let you know the results .
Kind Regards,

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I checked the hybernation and other settings on the computer. and otehr once that have no problems.
User still saying internet pages for a whole then it dops out. ??
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Sorry it's still not working. Go ahead and update the ticket with the latest info and support will take a look.