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  • 5 March 2013
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I'm fairly new to webroot so this might be a trivial question.  In the few months I've been at my job we have received a few attack alerts emails from webroot.  The emails always specify that 2 PCs are affected and when looking into it's really only 1 PC recently affected and the other was another instance that occured days or months ago (perhaps the last instance of an attack).
Is there a reason why we are always are told 2 PCs are affected?  Is this a setting that just needs to be adjusted?

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2 replies

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Hi Aton and welcome to the community.
You might look at how the alerts are configured.  There are instant alerts and a summary alert.  The summary could be sending you "recent" infections.  
There is also currently an issue with multiple emails getting sent out for an infected system.  The development crew is aware of that and a fix will be put into the next console update.
I hope that helps.
Thank you for the response!