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  • 15 February 2014
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If I have two email addresses with two different contact lists on a PC with Outlook and email address "A" gets hacked, does the contact list for email address "B" remain secure ?
Thank you.

2 replies

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I would think so, but would suggest changing the password on address B just in case.
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Hello billnav and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!

If the Hack happened on the mail server you will be fine but if it happens on your computer they would have to drop some malware on your computer and Webroot SecureAnywhere would protect your system from sending out or spreading the infection via it's Smart Firewall if it's unknown and once determined bad it would rollback to the pre-infection state also note WSA does not scan emails as it doesn't waste it's time per say only if you click on an infected attachment then WSA would react by Blocking it if it's known or start monitoring if it's unknown and when determined to be bad will rollback to the pre-infection state and again when something unknown is running on your system you are still fully protected and your credentials are perfectly safe behind WSA's Identity Shield please see this Video on how WSA protects you if even infected by an unknown infection: and how WSA does all the work in the Cloud: &
Daniel 😉