Endpoint Protection Agent - what has changed?

  • 23 January 2018
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Hi all,
Currently we run the Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection agent in version on some workstations and previously (most of the workstations are Windows 10). We also run an asset management cloud software (called Samanage) with a client agent on each workstation. The workstations with Webroot agent get recognised by Samanage but the workstations that run don't. Does anybody know if the name of the Webroot agent changed somehow to cause this and if so where it is saved?

3 replies

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The .44 release solved an issue with Windows 10 Fall Creators where access to files was randomly denied if those files had been modified or deleted. 
You might try sending Samanage  a copy of our EXE so that they can check if they are recognising it.
Thanks for that.
As this issue can hardly have anything to do what v.44 fixed do you know what changed in the versions after .34?
I just realised that I posted this in Community Guidelines & FAQ - sorry about that, but I am new in this forum. Is it possible to move it to the correct category somehow?
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@, no worries. The post has been moved to the correct forum ;)