Favor low cpu usage policy, experience?

  • 11 February 2021
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Hello - I recently started manage Webroot in our environment, and I noticed none of the active policies have this “Favor low CPU usage” setting enabled. Anyone got any experience with this setting? I figured there had to be a reason why it is disabled. Maybe it doesn’t do much, or maybe the scan will be too slow?

The setting for “Favor low RAM usage” is enabled in most policies.




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@Statsministern  - these settings aren’t as useful as they were years ago. Policy settings are there, but they’re mostly for older OS and older resource devices.

On modern (last 3-5 years) devices running Win10, they have little impact. And… these have zero impact on scanning. They’re mostly for realtime and behavior shields. Scanning has it’s own performance enhancements built into that engine.

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