Friendly names not shown in new console

  • 27 April 2021
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@freydrew @Rob House 

In the live Q&A post about the new console, you said that friendly names would be shown from the old console but functionality did not yet exist to rename in the new console.

I’m disappointed to tell you that friendly names are NOT being shown in the new console.  This is going to make management very difficult.  Is this a bug that you’ll be fixing soon?




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8 replies

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Hi Brian,

Please accept my apologies for the confusion. I should have had added to the end of the sentence that the name changes would still be available within the Legacy Console after the launch, but would not visible within the Management Console yet. This feature is a high priority , but as yet I do not have an exact release date. Apologies again for the confusion. 

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Hi Rob, thanks for the reply. The new console looks great, but this is frustrating. I rely on those names to be able to differentiate my endpoints. At least being able to see the old names would be helpful.

Also, the new console is missing the ability to allow an application (MD5) for Identity Shield. I need to constantly update the MD5 for Chrome because of the known endpoint bug.

How can I access the legacy console?

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Thanks Brian, the Legacy console can be accessed most easily from the Sites list.

If you click on kebab menu (three dots) and select the link highlighted below…




I will speak with my colleagues about the MD5 query, i’ve only recently joined Webroot, so i’m still on a steep learning curve.

Thanks, Rob


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Thank you, that's very helpful. I am so glad to be able to parachute back to the old console until some of these kinks get ironed out.

Overall, I am very excited about the new console. It is long overdue and definitely heading in a good direction. Thank you for your hard work!

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@TylerM @Rob House @freydrew 


I’ve yet to use the new console because of this friendly name issue.  Is this fix still on the roadmap?  If so, do you have an ETA?



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Hey Brian, Rob and Drew no longer work here, but I’ll get a PM and find out for you

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Hi @BrianB23. Good to know this is a critical feature for you to start adopting the new console. We’re planning on adding friendly name support early next year as soon as February.

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Thanks @Phil Karcher , I am glad this is still on the roadmap.  There are other threads in this community with users having the same frustration.  I know, because I’ve replied to show them how to access the old console. :slight_smile: