Google Search "Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network......"

  • 2 May 2013
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Hi All 
Haviing a very strange issue with some of our users when performing a search on When searching, users are randomly getting the following error message.
"Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. This page checks to see if it's really you sending the requests, and not a robot" 
We dont think this is an issue with our network as when we switch off webroot we no longer get the error message. 
Anyone have any idea? Go easy on me i am a noob. 

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5 replies

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I've seen those messages in the past, when we were doing a lot of google searches manually. What happens is that you're probably querying google so much that it thinks that you're a script or system that is causing that behavior. You don't have a script or something running that is doing queries to by any chance?
I don't think this is being caused by Webroot, but either through a script that is actively querying google, or if you have a couple of users that are doing a lot of google queries themselves.
Even if Webroot would somehow be the cause of this to happen. Turning it off, should not get rid of the messages themselves as it is merely google's systems responding to the total amount of queries.
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Jcanning, do you use our Web Security Service (as opposed to our Business Endpoint Protection)?  If so, it could be how Google is interacting with the proxy.  Google will do the same thing if you are running certain kinds of anonymizing software because it expects to see the same IP address held constant during a session.  This is a pretty common issue with Google when a proxy is in use.

Ultimately, it's a known issue with Google.  They note on their page that it could be a malware issue, and they are right that it could be.  However, your testing (assuming you are using the Web Security Service again), has already demonstrated that's not the case since the issue doesn't persist with Webroot, and thus the proxy, having been shut down.  It might be worth contacting them on the Google Search Forum, as is suggested on the linked page.  I hope this helps!  🙂
Hi JimM
Yes we are using the Web Security Service. Its all starting to come clearer now. I have contacted Google and they have said they may or may not come back to me. 
Thanks for your help! 
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You're welcome!
Stick around!  You might like to check out the ambassador program.  🙂
Hi James,
We have had the same issue within our business over the past few weeks and mainly affecting myself unfortuantely.
I raised the issue with Webroot yesterday and they have said that it is a known issue between Webroot & Google and could be a slow process to get it resolved!:(
Not much help but at least it has ruled out any Malware or virus outbreaks!