GSM or Endpoint Protection Console - What should I be using?

  • 20 May 2020
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I have some questions regarding the fundamentals of Webroot and the GSM and Endpoint Protection Console

  • We are an internal IT department that use Secure Anywhere Webroot Endpoint Protection (We are not an MSP).
  • We have 1 site in GSM which contains groups of our company devices with policies associated to those groups (IT Dept, Users, Server, Terminal Servers etc)
  • Policies in GSM are pushed down to the Endpoint Protection Console (We didn't do this and must have been converted from the legacy console when GSM was pushed out to us……)

What console should we be using to manage everything? I can see there are some major differences: for example:

  • GSM Policy management has features that the Endpoint Protection Console doesn't such as the new Evasion Shield - This doesn't show in the Endpoint Protection Console at all
  • Endpoint Protection Console has many more agent commands than GSM
  • Reporting in GSM has many more reports compared to Endpoint Protection Console
  • No Deactivated group in GSM

Right now, it looks to me like we need to be using both consoles to effectively administer? Really I would like to just use the GSM console to simplify things but am very confused.




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@17G  - Apologies for the confusion between the Site management console and the Global management console. There is not simple answer of do it all this way or that way. However here’s some insight.​​​​​​

> All of the latest, modern options are only available at the global level and 99% of everything you need for daily activity, including policy management, override management and endpoint management can be done at the global level.

> The Site management console interface, feature set and design has not been modified in some time and will probably never be updated as it will eventually be going away and all management functionality will be available at the global level.

> All of the most used/relevant agent commands were made available at the global level through the Groups tab, the other agent commands may be useful for some activity, but the majority of what is needed for daily activity can be found at the global level.

> The only two functions that still require dropping down to the site level are as you’ve discovered, Deactivated Endpoints and some agent commands. Short of that, there is no real need to use the site manager. (Deactivated endpoints group will be moving to the top level at some in the near future.)


While it appears you have a one-to-one,  1 GSM with 1 site, which is common, the API functionality and all updates will only appear at the GSM level going forward. Sites will become more like a large “group” of computers to be used as your environment requires. MSP or Internal IT.

There is an update in the works where the general plan is to eliminate the site management console. Keep an eye out for that update communication later in the year.

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Thanks for the clarity on that! I will advise my team to use the GSM console ONLY  unless they need access to Deactivated Endpoints and some agent commands. I'm about to make a separate post which i would be grateful if you could comment on.