hello, i bought endpoint for a client and did not get verification email to access console

  • 24 September 2016
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i bought the endpoint for a client and set up the email and password / pin. i received no email to confirm and can not access the account. when i attempt to login to the account it says invalid of course because i did not confirm it yet.
so how do i get this fixed. i want to get this installed monday and need to fix this. i also attempted to request a "forgot" password as well as pin and did not get those emails either.
the email we used was different then the one i purchased it with because they do not want to use my email of course. so what can i do to resolve this issue?
thank you very much

1 reply

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Sorry about that - I can have support reach out to you if you like. They should be able to get that sorted out and make sure you get registered. Just PM me with which email address you want the ticket under.