Horrible Sales and Billing Support... Are there any humans at Webroot?

  • 4 August 2020
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We have been using Webroot Secureanywhere for over 8 years at our business. This last year we have downsized our staff significantly and at renewal we notated we no longer needed our full 20 stations, but instead only 5 licenses would be needed. These systems had webroot removed and were booted down. The backend showed only 5 active stations/licenses. Sure enough at renewal we were billed for all 20 stations.

I contacted support and got a response WEEKS later that a refund request had been escalated. After an additional week with no return I contacted via phone. Long story short we finally were downgraded to the correct license amount and received a refund about 38 days after the initial request.

Keep in mind, the downgrade was an annual payment. The following month (March or April) we started to be billed an erroneous $13. 50 a month since then. I then opened another ticket las month and received a response 7 days later saying they were looking into it. Days later… nothing. I replied back and was told to call customer service.

I called customer service and was shuffled around to 5 different people until finally they sent me to a sales voicemail box! I left a message. This entire process took over an hour of my day! It has now been a week and no call and no help.

I personally run an MSP and am sickened that a software I promote so heavily is such a pain in the butt to get clear billing information from. It makes me and YOU look shady and like morons. Here’s an idea… how about in your fancy smancy portal you add a billing history section! At one point I found one!? but then it required seperate registration and required information I could find nowhere in my account? What the heck is that? I no longer even see it now, however.

I need to get this resolved ASAP!

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2 replies

Appalling! This should never happen. What you describe sounds symptomatic of an underlying issue. I agree it reflects badly on Webroot. Here’s hoping it’s just a teething problem with acquisitions and consequent restructuring.

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@classic  & @Muddy7   - there are lots of folks at WR that would be more than happy to help properly. Does sound like you’re getting shuffled to the wrong teams. For MSPs and licensing, there’s a business focused renewals customer success team that your account should be able to work directly rather than public call in numbers. DM me your contact information and I’ll connect you to the correct team. Include the support ticket ID you were assigned and I’ll have it escalated for management review.

(Yes, there are lots of humans at WR that care and hate to hear this kind of situation happened.) 8-)

Official Business Support: https://www.webroot.com/us/en/business/support/contact