How can I remove deactivated endpoints from the console

  • 19 May 2015
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Is there any way to remove deactivated endpoints from the console listing?  We often reimage systems and change the name, so they're going to start piling up...

6 replies

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If you open a ticket then support can remove those for you:
Is this the only way to get these removed?  Is there not a way for the end user to remove these?
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Not yet, but the dev team is working on adding it.  In the meantime just put in a ticket and support will take care of it for you.
It is more than a year later (and I hate to necro-post), but I was wondering how this effort was coming along?
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Its 5 years now guys????? Get development to fix it…. 


Hello - Is this still in the works? I have found this (2 year old) post by Webroot that states hitting “deactivate” on endpoints will remove them from the management portal but this doesn’t seem to be the case? They just turn to “Not seen recently” after a few days and remain in the portal for seemingly forever.


Your Policies Best Practices guide states that deactivated endpoints will turn to not seen recently too. 


Can you please confirm which is it? Are admins able to remove endpoints by hitting deactivate or will they turn to “not recently seen”?