How have your support experiences been?

  • 20 March 2018
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Wanted to get a feel from the community on what your experiences have been like with suport.  In general, I like the product, but I've been frustrated by the support, primarily in how long it takes them to respond.  We had a recent ticket where Webroot was blocking legit files where we had overrides both for the files (via an MD5 hash), and also overrides to not scan the folder and not to report malicious activity.  Despite this, we were getitng hundreds of emails a day saying there was malicious activity.  We opened a ticket with support and it took 19 hours to get an initial response which was "send us logs and we'll creae a global override."  Then it took two business days (with a weekend in there as well) for them to fix the isuse.  The issue was with a critical app that we use at a critical time of the year for us and it had a significant impact on us. So, ticket opened Thursday, response on Friday asking for logs, logs uploaded Friday and then a final response on Tuesday.  
We spoke to our reseller who also said they've had slow responses from support as well and they're moving to Sophos and are recommending we do the same.  So I wanted to get a sense from other users what their support experiences have been.  I know every comapny has issues on occassion, and I understand that.  But we want to know if our experience is typical of other people's experiences.  Thanks in advance. 

4 replies

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Hey @,
Webroot prides itself on our award winning support team and handles every issue with care and consideration. I'm sorry to hear that you're frustrated with your experience. To get your issue handled in the fastest way possible, be sure to call us at 866-254-8400 as we typically see shorter wait times.
@  Thanks for the reply. It's greatly appreciated.
The support tech we were working with also told me that phone support is faster, but we were only told that after we complained about the response time. We were unaware their was phone support because if you go to the portal and log in, and then go to Customer Support the only way to create a ticket is via the web.  It would be incredibly helpful if you posted phone numbers there or mentioned phone support.  If it's offered as a choice, customers shouldn't have to dig to find it.  It should be clear from the portal since we're always pushed to the portal for everything else. Even the main support page pushes you to open a ticket via the web and does't list an obvious phone number.  The link for "Other contact options" is at the very bottom right of the support page - far below the option to open a ticket online.  Follow that link and you still have to follow yet another link to get to phone support.  It's clear from the placement of the links for the phone number that you prefer people to open tickets via the web portal. If phone support is the fastest method, you really need to let people know that it's an option when they go to the portal looking for support.  It's a bit disingenuous to say "call support for the fastest access" when it's clear by the placement of the number that you really, really, really want people to enter tickets via the web portal and not call in.  
You might think it's a minor issue or that I'm nitpicking, but in an age when many companies only do support via a web base ticketing systems, and no longer do phone support, it's easy to assume that support is only via the portal when you don't see a number listed in the web portal.  If the phone number is listed in the or the site, I haven't been able to find them.  If phone support is the fastest way to get an issue solved, make it easier for us to do that by putting that info in an obvious place in the web portal.
Ultimately our issue got resolved and I was able to get some of my concerns answered in detail by our support tech, and I really appreciated the info and detail he gave us.  But even he admitted that he was confused as to why the support number wasn't highlighted more clearly in the support portal.  Thanks again for your response. 
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Frustrated Guy, I had a similar though less critical experience earlier this year, with an inability to whitelist an .exe file (it was in the list but still blocked from running). And even prior to that, I would have agreed with you about WebRoot support. My frustration is that WebRoot is so locked down, it requires a support call to do things I have been accustom to handling in the GUI of other anti-malware apps for years.
When I came on board with WebRoot, the option to whitelist didn't even exist in the GUI, at least in the business version, which is the only version I use.
I'm putting some time into looking at other options. Sophos is a name that has been recommended.
Support ticket (#151154) opened 22 days ago, because global policies do not apply to endpoint, just site policies.
After 14 days, many logs, many support sessions, webroot engineer sent us a mail: "we can't find the problem, but we can offer you a workaround: create policies for every site".
despite the fact that it took them 14 days to offer a workaround that we indicated in the ticket opening, we are still waiting for a solution (I doubt it will ever come, I think no one is anymore looking at the ticket) after 22 DAYS.
Take your own conclusions, we already took ours.