How to filter Deactivated agents from reporting in the Dashboard gadgets?

  • 17 August 2015
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I see previous posts where Webroot Support suggests that retaining deactivated agent data is a good thing. I completely disagree. We aren't able to use the Dashboards at our business at all because the data is not valid because of this "feature". For example, we want to know when there are agents out there still using the Silent Audit mode or Managed by Policy or (insert just about every gadget here), but the dashboard reports that half of our clients are out of compliance. When we go to track them down, they are all Deactivated, so we don't care and the energy and effort to confirm this is counter-productive. 
Webroot, you're forcing us to go down a long road to nowhere when alerts are generated for deactivated agents. We should have the ability to determine when we can purge an agent completely versus being forced to have stale data in our system forever. I think we should be given that control, otherwise the product's dashboards are just a "good idea" but completely and absolutely worthless. Because we're a MSP that requires central reporting, this is a big enough issue to force perhaps a migration to another product.
We're allowed to purge agents/accounts with any other AV product out there, also with Active Directory users, Exchange mailboxes, computer accounts, groups, RMM agents, ITSM tools, etc. When can we trusted as adults to purge old data from our anti-virus solution when we need?
If there's a way to filter the gadgets to exclude Deactivated agents otherwise, please let me know. Such a great product to have such a frustrating "feature" to a point where we can't trust the very data that you're attempting to protect. Doesn't make sense to me, and apparently a lot of others.

2 replies

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That I'm not sure on actually. Would you like me to have support follow up with you on this one?
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I managed to get an answer for you - there's no way to do that right now, but our dev team is aware of the issue and that it's one of our most frequent requests.
In the meantime, you can contact support and they can purge all the deactivated agents for you, until we come up with a way of you either being able to purge or filter them.