How to prevent users exceeding the number of End Point Seats assigned

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We are having an issue with the Business Webroot where users are able to install more Entities than the assigned number of End Point Seats.

This is causing issues with us, as we are getting billed for these additional Entities, and do not seem to have any control as to warn users, or stop them doing this.

I have raised this in the past, but no solution was provided, other than to get an alert, and then sort out this issue manually.

We are finding management of this is requiring more time resource overhead than what is worth reselling the Webroot product for.

We simply seek to block sites being able to install and license Entities over and above the assigned number of End Point Seats allocated to the Site.

Is there a way to achieve blocking Sites adding more Entities than the assigned number of End Point Seats?

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This has been a major issue for me down the line as well, and every time the subject is raised, it’s noted as being a work in progress to sort out. The other issue is when you clone drives after upgrading a system, you have to make sure you uninstall the endpoint before doing so, or the license pops up as bing a new install and another bill is generated.

People don’t install the endpoint as I never make the installer file available to anyone, nor allow access to the portal, so I can manage any new installs easily enough, and also, if anything does just appear, I do get an email to inform me that there has been a new install and then I can check into it.

I do feel this is a bit of a weak point in the Webroot Endpoint installation side, but all we can do is wait and see if there is ever a change made to controlling installs in a better way.

This has also been an issue for me.

I have rereported this to Webroot on a few occasions over the last few years, yet nothing seems to be happening with regards to this problem.

I think Webroot are happy to take our money, and have us deal with the shortfall.

Agree regarding the extra overhead of work relating to this.

This is starting to get a bit much due to the number of systems now upgrading to Windows 11. This is resulting in a new entity to be added, which I am then charged for until I find and remove the entity that should have been replaced and not added anew.

Some very simple processes, to streamline reselling Webroot, would be resolved if the system simply blocked more entities than what is assigned.