How to turn off Webroot SecureAnywhere

  • 9 September 2022
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Hello everyone,

My company is using Webroot SecureAnywhere for Business. We are trying to deploy an application that may require us to turn off webroot. Everything I’ve seen shows how to do so manually via the client’s GUI. This is too time consuming as we have dozens of endpoints. Is there a way to shutdown webroot via powershell (or any other automated way), install what I need, then turn it on again?


I know the security implications of this and understand why this may not even be possible. But I just wanted to make sure.


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No, the only and best way is to change the policy to allow Webroot to be shut down manually and then once that Policy takes on the endpoints in question, then right click on the webroot sys tray icon and select shut down. No other way...without uninstalling.

Maybe turning off the real time or ID shield may help in this situation but can't say for sure. Would be best to work with business support team to test if needed. No easy or magical way otherwise.


Reach out to Business support through here