How to verify if a policy have been applied

  • 9 August 2013
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How may I remotly verify if a SecureAnywhere clienty have applied a policy setting change or change of policy thats been done in the web console?
// Rikard

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3 replies

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If you want to make sure the agent is polling, you could send a scan command after making the policy change. If it scans, that's evidence it was polling when the policy change was sent through, which means the policy would have been applied.
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Jim, I think there should be a registry key that has the time the client last polled the server. The "UpdateTime" key appears to be unrelated to server communication. I wasn't aware of this or I would have requested it sooner.
Here's my guide to using Webroot keys that handle time.
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Hello rikardz,
I have submitted an enhancement request to support what you are asking about. You may vote on it here