Install Webroot in Mac OS silently.

  • 8 February 2017
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Anyone have the experience to deploy Webroot in MacOS,  silently.  I need install over 20 PC without end user intervention to put the KEY code or make the installation. 
Thank you very much.


4 replies

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0 replies and its 2 years old!?

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@GreatChicken  I’m not even sure this is now possible to do in the MacOS Catalina version; Apple’s new security model is extremely frustrating for some types of unattended installs.


@freydrew Do you know if there is any way to install the Webroot client unattended on the newer MacOS versions?

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From what I have found it is possible only if someone is logged into the mac that you are deploying to. Though the installer will launch the browsers to ask the user to manually install webroot browser addons.  This should also be possible on Catalina as long as you set up the kext ID’s as trusted in your MDM when the device is onboarded.  And you will probably have to grant webroot full disk access using a custom configuration profile. 

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Hi @GreatChicken ,

I talked with Support for you just a moment ago. A full silent install isn’t possible at this time. You can run a silent install if a user is logged in, but that isn't really a true silent install.

If you’re looking for a GPO type of install where everything is done in the background, it’s not possible at this time. 

Support did mention that they can provide you with more technical install instructions as well here: