Is there a way to get email notification whenever webroot endpoint block an application/process ?

  • 1 November 2014
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I'm looking for a way to get email notification whenever endpoint block an application or process and add them to deny list?
I'm new to webroot  and having difficulty finding out which process or application  has been blocked.
We have over 3000  endpoint deployments.
Appreciate any help.

4 replies

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Hello there, welcome to the Community!
I am not a regular user of the Endpoint, so I will let others give the answers, but I did want to let you know I moved your post to the correct 'board' so that it will get faster answers that are more precise than what I can give!
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Hi @ and welcome to the Webroot Community! 
Unfortunately that's not possible at the moment as such events aren't logged in the console. 
If you search in the ideas area, you'll find some feature requests for that topic; give them a kudo and hopefully we'll see that feature in the near future. 
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Thank you @   I may have dabbled with the Endpoint and its Console, but I am not really efficient with it yet!
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Yeah I'm also still learning everything ;) 
By the way @ : I've read your question again and I hope that I didn't miss understand you. Could you please further explain what you meant with 'block'?