Is there a way to get the version number from the command line WRSA.exe with a switch?

  • 21 June 2016
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I'm looking for a command line switch to see the version number of the currently installed version of Webroot SA without having to wait for a poll to the console.  I know that I can do WRSA.exe -poll and force an update, but it's very hard to see the version number when you have the system tray icon hidden from the end user.

5 replies

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The version number can be shown through the Group Management tab. Just add the column and it will then show you the version number of each endpoint.
I realize the version number can be seen on the group managment tab of the console, however, I would like to find a way to see the version number from the workstation when the system tray icon is hidden.  The only way I even know to see it on the workstation is to hover over the icon, but with the policy set to hide the icon, the command line would be the only other way I know of.  The problem is, there is no documented command line switch to display the version number.  That is what I'm looking for.
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Not that I know of, but I'll double-check. Is there a reason you have the system icon tray off in your policy, since that would solve the problem?
Right now, we're running an alpha version of webroot provided by support due to an issue on terminal servers with the windows logon process being killed by Webroot.  When you right click and hit refresh configuration you get the option to upgrade.  Even non-admins get the option and we didn't want someone clicking it by mistake or out of curiosity.  Hiding the systray icon was the only option to prevent that.
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Ah that makes sense. Last I heard the fix for that terminal server issue is now in production as of the last update, so you might be able to turn that option on again. Check with your support rep that you got the alpha version from to make sure, as I don't know if your particular case has any other issues that I don't know about.