Keep having to restart DWP client

Hello, new member here! We are running Web Security Service (Saas).
All lot of our users keep experiencing intermittent "stops" when they are trying to access the internet. They get "page cannot be displayed" etc. We simply restart the DWP service on their PC and it seems to work ok after that.
The problem is, we can't keep doing that without finding out WHY it keeps happening.
When we try running diagnostics (Control key/Right Click) the window pops up, we click Start but nothing happens - it just sits there.
Any ideas?

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Hey pdi656,
Thanks for joining the Community. :D
I want to get this taken care of and the best way would be to open a Saas Support Ticket. This way we can track the interaction and collect diagnostics if necessary for further investigation.
Thank you, I will open a ticket and report back. If anyone has any experience with this issue however, please share!
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Thank you for that pdi656.
Please share with us so other people can benefit from the information! 😃
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Most of the cases that enterprise support encounter related to this issue are caused by a third party antivirus software that is monitoring the DWP (Desktop Web Proxy) client. Please ensure that your AV is not monitoring the following processes:
If that is not the cause please let me know.
Thank you,
Shawn T
Webroot Enterprise Support
Added these files to AV exception list but no luck. I have to restart DWP client many times to access internet. Especially https sites.
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Hello chuyendv and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums.

Please Submit a Support Ticket so they can Diagnose your issue that's the best way and someone from Webroot will comment here tomorrow MDT. Please see here:
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A support ticket would certainly be the way to go for this issue. We'll probably need to gather some logs and investigate closer to see what's happening in your particular circumstance. Please let us know how your support interaction goes. 🙂
Same problem here - submitted a support ticket but interested to hear whether any of you got a resolution and what the problem was?
DWP client still keeps crashing on our computers.. I even have to restart DWP to access this website 🙂
@ That's pretty disappointing. Did you log a ticket? What help did you get?
I created a ticket 5 months ago. They helped us add all DWP processes into AV Exception list but no luck....
I see this is marked as solved, but I don't think it is. We use Webroot Secure Anywhere as our AV, so one would presume that this automatically would not monitor a DWP Client, and yet we still have persistent problems with the Client crashing and re-starting. Or maybe we do have to make sure that the AV isn't monitoring wsdwpps.exe and wsdwpgi.exe.
Could someone please confirm?