Labtech reporting some computers as non-GSM ?

  • 30 November 2018
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Dealing with a line of issues with Webroot and Labtech[Automate:On-Prim]. Just discovering some computers are listed as non-GSM in the Webroot plugin. 
Why would this be the case they definitly should be and are GSM. Has anyone had this issue, or have resolved this issue and could share. 

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Things that can cause agents to be listed as "Non-GSM" in the Automate plugin dashboard:
  • Macs - this is by design, the plugin doesn't try to pull data from GSM for Mac endpoints.
  • Duplicate entry in GSM.  See if any problem-machines at the same site have the same MAC.
  • Duplicate entry in Automate.  See if any of the problem-machines have a duplicate in RMM.  Do a keyword search for the machine's serial number (with type changed from "computers fast" to "computers".
  • API connection broken: in the plugin's settings page, make sure it says API connection good.  If you see the fields for entering username, password, etc then the connection's broken.
  • The current plugin version times-out when it hits duplicates or other problems.  The new release supposedly coming to the solution center this Wendesday fixes that.  You can contact support for the beta release of that, which is what we're using atm.
Thanks was informed of the plugin update on Sunday. I believe this will be the solution, the other resolution steps have helped with fixing this problem. I will rely on the plugin for the rest that are not being fixed by the other troubleshooting steps. 
Thanks again!