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  • 5 August 2013
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I have a users that is telling me since we installed Webroot that their machine locks up frequently.  Also he mentioned that when webroot is doing a scan(WRSA is using 50% of CPU) that it is making it so he can't use his machine.  I did notice on the console that his scans take 15-20 minutes each time, were other machines are only taking 1-2 minutes.  What do you recommend to do to troubleshoot this issue?

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3 replies

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If you care about why: Open a support case with Webroot
If you just want it fixed, this is my shotgun approach to solving issues with antivirus. This is NOT a normal diagnostic procedure, but since this is a forum and not a phone call I'm just going to give you everything at once:
  1. Check if you have an infection through your normal procedure in checking the Webroot GUI for monitored processes and identity shield. You can also run TDSSKiller and MSERT which are stand-alone scanners. 
  2. Make sure all *Webroot* and *WRData* folders on the computer are deleted
  3. If your computer has a hardware diagnostics mode, run it
  4. Run a scan with TDSSKiller
  5. Run Windows Update
  6. Update the drivers of the computer. Just trust me on this one - drivers are just like other software - they cause issues and DO need to be updated. Especially for software like antivirus that works on such a low level - having drivers that aren't buggy has fixed unexplainable issues I've had in the past.
  7. Reboot and reinstall Webroot
If it's still messed up after that, yes please contact Webroot support so they can figure out what's going on and fix it in a future version.
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As has been mentioned submitting a ticket to our support team is the definitive way to solve this issue.
However here are some common causes of long scans I would like to add:
  • Heuristics set too high. The Webroot Heuristic, Scan, Firewall and Realtime Shield settings have some very powerful options that should only be altered in very specialised situations (there are a lot of settings that even we as staff never touch). If the Firewall is turned up by even one notch machines usually slow down with excessive monitoring and scans can last a long time.
  • Disk errors. In this case back up all data first then try to run disk repairs.
  • (as mentioned by explanoit) Out of date or missing drivers.
  • Serious infection. If the machine had a pre-existing infection or if it has been compromised with a serious infection since installation this can slow down scans. It is very rare that our client does not at least detect the malware but if you are suspicious try scanning in Safe Mode before submitting a ticket to our team.
  • Excessive monitoring of an Unknown process. If we have not made a solid determination of a file then the client will continue to monitor it and it's related processes to keep your machine safe. Submitting a ticket will get any processes whitelisted and ensure things run smoothly again.
Don't hesitate to submit a ticket to our support team as we can usually identify the issue very quickly using our log gathering tool.


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Thanks for the view from Webroot, Fred!