Looking for a deskphone headset? Look no further!

  • 8 September 2014
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So I have decided tor review the Plantronics Savi W730-M. The headset is optimized for Lync, which I've used and it works swimmingly. You can have it paired with the PC, deskphone, and cellphone, all at the same time. The headset connection is DECT, giving you range. The compatibility of bluetooth via a deskphone, bluetooth or USB connection, all give you the ability to pair a ton of different devices.
The sound quality is excellent on the device, even at a fair distance away. I have been outside, with the receiver's base in the basement, getting the mail, and on a call, all with no call quality issues. I have been nothing but impressed with this headset. I highly recommend it, with a 5/5 stars or 10/10 review.
Read the full review here: http://www.thanksaj.com/2014/09/review-plantronics-savi-w730-m/

4 replies

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Thanks for the review AJ!  I like Plantronics gear a lot.  They gave me a headset as part of a gaming event at last year's SpiceWorld, and it is very nice.
Apparently they take a mold of every employee's ear, for their headset testing, and they have a wall of ears at their office which is both cool and creepy looking 🙂
I got one too, remember? We were the noobs. Lol
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Oh that's right, I forgot you were on the opposing team 🙂
Yuppers. I don't know the other guys who I was on a team with, but it was you, Sean and Sarah. We got our @$$es kicked...