MAC - Installation Alert email stuck in infinite loop and clients not shown in web console

  • 20 September 2013
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I switched to Webroot about two months ago and have been pushing it out to through GPO to all our Windows clients. I set up an Installation Alert to be sent to me so I knew which clients had Webroot installed so I could uninstall our previous AV (Panda). This workes like a charm and the migration has gone smoothly.
Now for about ten ago I noticed the mac install .dmg and had it installed on our MAC clients. The installation ran as expected on all MACs but two...
The Installation Alert email for MAC client #1 are sent to me repeatedly - like one to two times every hour (since installation five days ago), but the client doesn't show up in the web console. Looking at the client everything looks legit and for what I can tell is doing it's job.
The Installation Alert email for MAC clinet #2 has been sent to about 10 times in the last five days, but the email doesn't include all the information it should but just two lines (and the client doesn't show up in the web console):
   An endpoint has recently been installed: 
MAC client #2 has not been in the office since installation so I haven't had a chance to look at it. 
So my question is actually two fold. Why does the client repeatedly check in as newly installed but not showing up in the web console and how come the email alert from client #2 is malformed?

2 replies

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As MAC support is a very new feature in the business console, this may be the first report of the issue.  I'd suggest putting in a support case on this one so our technicians can investigate.
I have already escalated this through another channel but will submit a suoport case by myself come Monday.

Thanks for taking the time though.