Mac Threat

  • 2 April 2018
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Has anyone seen this before?
What is it?  I have a feeling it is not the Snake Malware.
Thank you

3 replies

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Hey @
The malware you are referring to was an attempt of a port of a popular Windows backdoor malware used to get onto systems and maintain persistence. Last I heard, this wasn't very effective, but cannot be sure there isn't a new variant out there. 
Thanks @.  I spoke to WebRoot support who took logs from multiple machines that are infected.  Still have not heard back from them yet on what it is, but none of these users had an Adobe Flash update on their computers which is how the port was done from the Windows side.  I am curious though as to why no one else has mentioned this on the web, specifically the name that appears.
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I've found a writeup on this if you wanna take a look bud.