Many problems with OSX users

  • 15 March 2017
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We are having two issues with Mac users:
1. Webroot shortcut keys apparently conflict with override Adobe design apps. I'm surprised this is even a thing! Anyone deal with this before?
2. Same users work with big files off the server, and Webroot apparently slows the Macs to a crawl when users are opening these huge design files.
It's making me think the Mac users should just go without AV at all, but I'm curious to hear from other IT managers and Webroot support on these issues.
Thanks for reading!

2 replies

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Hello @
Welcome to the Webroot Communitry,
I am not an IT but I do run Webroot on my Mac, This is a must for me. Because Macs do get malware. As for the other issues I would contact Business Support
To Submit a Support Ticket or call and the Support Team will help you out with all your issues. And this is a free service for Webroot subscribers.
But you can follow/try this below:
Due to the unique way in which keyboard shortcuts work on the Mac OS, the secure keyboard entry feature may prohibit shortcut functions in a variety of applications. This includes, but is not limited to, Adobe Creative Suite Products, Macro applications, or some built in features that are triggered by key combinations—such as Dictation and Speech.
This can be resolved by clicking the Webroot icon located on the top right of the menu bar, then clicking “Pause Secure Keyboard Entry.”
If this does not work for you, I would advise creating a support ticket so that they can investigate and whitelist any files that may be monitored on your systems
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I support Macs protected with WebRoot SA Business, running Adobe products and using large files located on a server. I have not encountered any slowness issues with file transfers (we have GB to the desktop), but I have encountered a known issue with Adobe products and some specific keyboard problems. I don't recall the details off top of my head, but it involved one or two particular keys or key combinations specific to OS X that did not function with Adobe products installed. Maybe that is a factor in your case.