• 13 October 2016
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My client and I are concerned about the MODERATE RISK ICON(s) next his site in search engine results. Besides being a fairly new site what are reasons behind it and what can we do to upgrade his status to TRUSTWORTHY?
Thanks in advance
Karl Bischoff

5 replies

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Hi ?, 
I think it is primarily because the site is so new, which can often be a significant risk factor. I would suggest that you submit a URL Reputation Change Request and see if our team can change this for you. 
Thanks for the reply Anna. We did that this morning and got rejected! 
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I'm sorry to hear that! It may be that you just need to give it a little time so that it is no longer marked as "new", but I will ask around and see if I can get any more info for you. 
Thanks for looking into it Anna. –Karl
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Kuraldesign - if you'd like to know specifically what the status is, you can monitor via this link:

This will indicate it's reputation within our threat intelligence. Unfortunately, this URL appears to be so new that it just doesn't have a reputation. Usually the team will not move this up to a higher reputation due to lack of knowledge.

Hope that helps.