N00b questions on deployment through group policy

  • 5 September 2018
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Hi guys, I have some noobish questions on depolying to endpoints using group policy in active directory. I know I can use the MSI file that is downloaded from my web console. I have downloaded it. 
I have also put that file in my group policy shared folder, and I can see how I deploy MSI files using GPO>Computer Configuration>Policies>Software Settings>Software installation.
Now where to go from here? I understand that the MSI is interactive, and I want it it to be silent and put in its own product key.
It sounds like what this guy is talking about here, but I don't know where or how to put in those command line arguments....and where to go from here. 

1 reply

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Ok, looks like I got some help from a co-worker! He edited the MSI file to put our product key in, so the pc's show up in our dashboard when they get added to our domain and logged into. 🙂 I made a GPO edit after he gave me the modified msi file.