Netlogon is not starting after Reboot Issue....Workaround is a problem.

  • 29 March 2018
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So, it appears we are having issues related to the following on multiple clients, multiple endpoints: (Note, we aren't just having the issue on Windows 10; Windows 7 is having issues too, and it appears to do with Winlogon/Netlogon).  We believe it is related to the issue listed below.
I offered to help our team by writing a script within our RMM software that would set the Registry key per Webroot's recommendations as described in the workaround in the article.  Only one problem:  I cannot create a DWORD to the WKrn service key.  Just for fun, I tried using the same commands to write the IFP key noted by Webroot to another spot in the Windows Registry, and it went off without a hitch, making me think Webroot has set the HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesWKrn key to have specific permissions, preventing me from writing the key.
With the affect this is having on multipile clients (we are an MSP), I am hearing rumblings from our tech team about "we should try competing products".  This problem creates all sorts of unpredictable issues, and is a very serious one for us, regarding group policy processing, user logon, file shares, etc.  We have opened Ticket 155126 for the issue; this is a serious priority for us.  It took us the better part of a week to determine that Webroot was the main cause of the issue (and rule out Windows itself).  We also found another person with similar experiences here:
Is anyone having similar issues where it appears file shares aren't connecting or working properly, or group policy errors are occurring?  This does not make us look good as an MSP to our clients.

2 replies

Check out this thread over in the Product Questions section:
We are an MSP as well and it has affected many of our clients endpoints. We have only seen the issue with Windows 10 so far but we don't really have many Windows 7 machines though.
Both our Customer and Technician's confidence with Webroot is currently at an all time low unfortunetly due to this and a few earlier issues. If it isn't fixed soon we will likely be looking to have a meeting to discuss other options as it has already been over two months waiting for a proper fix . . .

Has this issue returned? I am seeing this on a windows 10 PC and the system acts completely normal when webroot is disabled and shut down.