New. A page came up and froze computer. I am a novice and dont know what to do. HELP PLEASE !

  • 3 November 2013
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Verry  new  user.            NEED HELP  A page came on my computer and said FBI has locked your computer. No phone numbers only a message that said i could of violated some laws. And i have to pay a fine of 300.00 to unlock. but it had to be a credit card from green dot its like credit  card. and i had to do it within 12 hours or i  will be  possibly in trouble.  CAN someone tell me  if it sounds  like it  a SCAM. And what i should do.        
FYI: Webroot  seemed to clear it up and unlock computer.

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Yes it's a scam and it sounds like Webroot let it run temporarily to find out more, then reverted everything and cleaned it up for you. I am 100% guarantee you that you are not in trouble.
If you want you're free to give Webroot a call if you want peace of mind.
Also, if you want right click the (W) icon in the bottom right of the screen, save a scan log to your desktop, and post the last 50 or so lines in the text file that appears.
In addition: Viruses often get into your computer because you have outdated software. You can get help discovering and updating your software with either of these two tools. Everyone should have one of these installed.
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In addition to @  's response, here are helpful links to reach out to support with the scan log.
Support Number: 1-866-612-4227
Support Ticket: