New Business Solution Agreement

  • 19 March 2013
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Sorry, but I don't have time to pour over the new agreement. I'm afraid to click off on it and be possibly be bitten later. It would be nice if someone could post the differences between the new and previous agreements. Until then, I am unable to administer my endpoints and I need to badly. There seems to be some malware hijacking yahoo accounts on some of them.

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3 replies

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The difference seems to be in the addition of the new licensing (per user) options. Hopefully one of the admins can comment on that better then I can.
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KCEOC, I've reached out to the team handling your account so they can follow up with you on this question. This sort of question is not of the nature usually fielded on the Community, but I'm sure we can ultimately get an answer to you. Reaching out to your account team is the best way to obtain the best answer to this sort of non-technical question.
Since I was prevented from using the console, I considered it a tech problem. Maybe a different method other than locking out your subscribers would be preferable. Of course now it's more of a feature request. :)
I did get a great reply from my account team.