New Target inclusion in a existing program

  • 8 April 2021
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Hi, Is there a way to include new targets in an existing Program.  I launched a Program and now I need to add the new employees into the existing Program. I believe we can include new campaigns to the launched program but not sure of including the new targets which has been imported will be part of the Program too.  Thanks


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7 replies

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Hey @Cyber2021 ,

I assume you’re asking about Security Awareness Training, correct? If so, our resident SAT expert would be happy to help you out!

@ggreenbaum  - any ideas?

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Hello @Cyber2021 - absolutely, you can add new users to your existing Program by creating a new campaign with those users and add that campaign to the Program. Of course any campaigns which are in your Program but have not yet launched can be modified to add those new users. Campaigns already launched cannot be edited.


Note that Campaigns created at the Webroot Management Console level support the Autoenroll feature, which automatically adds new users to the campaign.

Hi @ggreenbaum -  thanks for your response. Actually,  I created the new campaigns for the new users and added in the existing program, whereas that is twice the work.

So, If I modify the unlaunched campaigns(Which is part of the existing Program) won't it affect the Program?

Also, Autoenrollfeature automatically selects all the users in the site, whereas I want particular users(from a specific domain) to be part of the campaign. Can the auto enroll be activated domain wise? Thanks

Hi @ggreenbaum, why am not able to see the Security Awareness Training’ tab so that I can enroll the ‘AutoEnroll option’ for the other site.Thanks.

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Hi @Cyber2021 happy to help,I will reach out to you directly now.

Hi @ggreenbaum, I can see only five tabs in my Webroot console. Is there something that I’m missing  in my setup to get the ‘Security Awareness Training’ Tab. Thanks 

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Hi @Cyber2021 I reached out directly but perhaps you’re not seeing that message. Hopefully I’m understanding your questions:

  1. To manage recipients to campaigns created as part of the program, you should manage those in the Program settings
  2. Campaigns which are unlaunched can be modified without impact to the Program - the Program simply groups the campaign with other campaigns
  3. Autoenroll is sitewide in scope, it has no filtering - if you want to separate users by domain you can create sites that group users by domain
  4. The Autoenroll feature is for campaigns created in the Webroot Management Console, which you can access by clicking the ‘Back to Console’ link at the top of the left side navigation.

Feel free to get in touch via DM.

Thanks - hope this helps.