New Whitelisted folders are not getting pushed out to the clients

  • 18 December 2017
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New Whitelisted folders we added on Dec 8th and are still not getting pushed out to our Windows 10 computers.  I whitelisted 4 folders for our PrimeSUITE application and it fixed the issue immediatly but I had to uninstall and reinstalled Webroot to make sure each computer got the new changes.  On other computers I tried the wrsa.exe -poll command over and over but it did not help.  We have over 500 computers so I can't continue to do this manually on every computer.  Users keeps having issues with PrimeSUITE and I have to uninstall Webroot and reinstall Webroot to resolve the issue so that they get their folders whitelisted.

1 reply

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@, our Team will need to analyze the logs from your Endpoint(s) to determine exactly the cause of the issue. For your convenience & to expedite the process, I've created a support ticket on your behalf.