No reg key needed for Microsofts Meltdown and Spectre updates

  • 16 January 2018
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To quote Microsoft
"Based on our analysis of available data, we are now lifting the AV compatibility check for the March Windows security updates for supported Windows 10 devices via Windows Update."
More information is here:-  March 2018 Updates
We are looking to remove the reg key setting feature of WSA and will notify you when that will be happening. 
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Microsoft Meltdown and Spectre updates
Information from MSFT for I.T pros
Read the last line of FAQs - is x86 covered?
Windows Servers
You should really read this Microsoft KB article here .  In short, protection against Meltdown and Spectre is not enabled on Windows Servers unless you take the steps as described in that KB document.  
Update: Disable mitigation against Spectre
Intel has reported issues with recently released microcode meant to address Spectre variant 2 (CVE 2017-5715 Branch Target Injection) – specifically Intel noted that this microcode can cause “higher than expected reboots and other unpredictable system behavior”.  Microsoft has published update that disables mitigation if you encounter this scenario.  
Details are here:- Update to disable mitigation against spectre variant
Twitter feed on the update 

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