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  • 9 May 2013
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Could anyone please explain a little bit more the following option in WSA: "Enable Predictive Offline Protection from the central SecureAnywhere database". From what I read about it it seems to be a sort of a local mini signature database. Is that right? So where is it located? How big it is? Is it updated constantly? How effective/comprehensive it is? Thanks!

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The database file itself is about 50kb. It isn't updated frequently because our change journaling and rollback feature makes this feature redundant. If you are offline and a threat somehow makes it through our heuristics, usb shield, etc. that threat will still be caught and any changes it could have made will be rolled back as soon as you get back online and reconnect to the cloud database. The Identity Shield will also still be protecting you by disallowing any sort of information capturing by an untrusted program during this process.