One of the components of our remote support solution is being blocked by System Analyzer

  • 28 May 2015
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We develop a remote support solution for IT support companies, and one of them is using Webroot System Analyzer on their customer's PCs while connecting remotely through our software.
When they perform a quick scan nothing bad happens but as soon as they perform a deep scan with your software they lose the remote connection and can't connect back in.
You can obtain a sample of the executable being used on the customers' PCs by clicking on the following link:
Our customer is quite upset because he thinks we're in the wrong here.
Please help by scanning and whitelisting our software.
Thank you!
Paulo Silva
Customer Sucess Director
BeAnywhere SA

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1 reply

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Sounds like we may need to do some white listing in our back end. I suggest opening a ticket at Otherwise if you PM me the keycode the machines are on and a hostname of one of the machines having the problem I can look into it.