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  • 2 February 2021
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Hi, I have recently installed Webroot at my workplace but I am unable to open Webroot on the endpoints. On attempting to open I have a message  to contact the network administrator to access the user interface.

Can anyone help me to resolve this set up issue. Many thanks.


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@drcgreenway  - this is controlled by the policy associated with this endpoint and set by the admin console. If you’re the admin, then you will need to go to that admin console and update the policy associated to this endpoint to include  or “Show” the User Interface.

It sounds like the “Recommended Defaults” were used and this is not recommended for production. While it’s a good policy, we do suggest using our best practice guide to build a custom policy.

If you are not the administrator, then you will need to contact that administrator that manages these machines and resolve this with them.


Thank you very much. I have made the change on the policy and will check when I get to work. Your help is very much appreciated.

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@drcgreenway - perfect. If you set the policy to 15 minutes, then the changes will take affect within a 15 min window. If you’d like to get the policy immediately, for testing or just to get applied to production system, you can select the “Refresh Config” in the system tray menu OR if you like CMD for direct or remote, the agent supports this command.

Run CMD “As administrator” - don’t rely on the session admin credentials.

Run this command to force the agent to call home immediately and get the policy changes.

c:\program files (x86)\webroot\wrsa.exe -poll


c:\program files\webroot\wrsa.exe -poll

It will depend on where the agent was installed, but it will only be in one of the above directories.