Poll interval in unmanaged policy

  • 24 September 2013
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Could anyone tell me what is the poll interval in the Unmanaged policy in WSA EP? I couldn't find any information on that.

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5 replies

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The default setting is 24 hours. You can go into your console and change the polling interval to whatever fits your needs best.
Click Endpoint Protection>'Policies'>double-click on the policy>click 'Polling Interval'>it will go into a draft mode and you will need push the changes to 'Live'
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Hi MikeR. Yes that part is clear but I just wanted to know whether the poll intervall for Unmanaged policy is the same as for Recommended Defaults (Unmanaged policy can't be edited). This is actually not a true policy because it sort of "disconnects" the endpoint from a console. However, endpoint in Unmanaged policy can still receive agent commands and obviously must report back to a console. So if I understand you correctly when I have my endpoint in Unamanaged policy and then I decide to move it to a different policy I must wait 24h befere the change will take effect? (unless of course I'm lucky enough to have this endpoint near me and be able to clik "Referesh Configuration")
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I can confirm that the polling interval for the unmanaged policy is 24 hours. Or just run a scan from that endpoint manually, and it will check in.
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Additionally, you could make a copy of the 'Unmanaged Policy' and you would then be able to change the poll interval on the copy.
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As far as I know the "Unmaneged" policy is the only one you cannot actually copy/edit. But I got my answer so thanks a lot:)