Program Warning Trying to access internet

  • 9 October 2013
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I am a software developer.  As such, I may compile and test a progra 20-30 times per day.  Starting this week, I am getting a pop-up from WebRoot that my program is trying to access the internet (its not).  The box gives me 3 options: Block 'Allow Once' or 'Allow Always'.  I picked 'Allow Always'.  I get this almost every time I try to run the program after a compile - very annoying.

8 replies

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I suspect maybe your policy might be configured to "Show firewall process warnings." If you create a policy that has this setting turned off for your particular endpoint, does that resolve the issue?
Where can I find this policy?  Under 'My Account' 'Advanced Settings' I found Firewall and I changed the setting to 'Allow all processes to connect to the internet unless explicitly blocked' - still getting the message I described!
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Policy > Firewall
Show firewall management warningsOff 
Show firewall process warningsOff 
Sorry to be so dense - BUT where do I find policy > firewall?????
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Hi Austin,
Are you a large business user with a corporate management console, or are you using a home version where all the settings are controlled on the PC?
We are a small business with 4 PCs - 2 in an office and 2 in homes.  I have access to setup the PCs - i set all 4 up.
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Oh, ok. You don't have the management console I was referring to. However, the setting you changed was its equivalent in the version you have.

That tells me this is probably a flag raised by heuristics. When a brand new program is seen for the first time, it's going to be treated with a higher level of suspicion than a program that's been seen before. Dev environments are prone to set off heuristics flags. You can disable heuristics to avoid the warnings. That's in Advanced Settings > Heuristics.
OK, I disabled the heuristics - I will let you know if this works.
When I did the disable, I did get a message that my settings were being managed by the Web Console and that the setting might be changed.  I do have a place I can go and see all the PCs in my company - is that the Web Console??