Question about "Endoints need attentions"

  • 10 March 2016
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Hello everybody

I use the MSP console
For beginning, in my scan settings, the option of "Automatically reboot remove threats found during background scans" and automatically remove threats found on the learning scan" are up
I have some sites with "Endpoints need your attention".

So, for this endpoints, are threats in quarantine ?
If yes, what is the interest to run a scan manually with the console ?
If not, why ?

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5 replies

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For those endpoints just send a cleanup command followed by another scan command. That will clear out the alerts - you don't have to do anything about the threats themselves as those are quarantined automatically.
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Thanks for your response
So the clean up clears out the quarantine.
Does quarantine clear out automatically ?
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The quarantine does not clear out automatically and its generally advisable to leave those there for auditing purposes or in the case of a false positive.

I hope this helps!
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Yes it helps ;)
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Let me know if you need anything else!
Have a great day!