Question regarding AV Status in Outlook 2013 Programmatic Access

  • 25 March 2015
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In Programmatic Access settings within Outlook 2013's Trust Centre settings on our Terminal Servers, the Antivirus status for Webroot is showing as "Unavailable: This version  of Windows does not support antivirus detection. Currently, when one of our users goes to email from MYOB they are prompted for each separate email to either allow or deny MYOB to send the email thorugh Outlook. They use RDS on Windows Server 2008 R2 to access MYOB.
Is there a way to get Microsoft Outlook to detect the AV status correctly with Webroot to prevent the "Allow or deny" prompt?
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1 reply

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My name is Johnny and I work in the Enterprise Support Department. Webroot had no control over another programs aknowledgement of our existance. Though since it is outlook I'm inclined to think it may detect it based on the Windows Action Center (ie: Control Panel > System Security > Action Center > Virus Protection) is Webroot showing there?
Additionally I found the following article: