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  • 30 May 2013
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Hi all,
In the Remote Deployment Tool I'm receiving a "Authenticating...failed, Unexpected error 1909" when scanning our network for endpoints. What does this mean and what triggers it?  I have been able to use the RDT successfully before, deploying to about 30 computers.  Last week, the first time I received this message, I refreshed the states and the endpoints showed up as normal and I could deploy changes. Now no matter how many times I refresh I get this error and the status of these endpoints changes each refresh state. They flip between the the 1909 error, and "Invalid Username/password" and "Network path not found."  My coworker's RDT pulls up the endpoints just fine. 
I'm not sure what's going on.  Any insight would be appreciated.

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Hi nmerritt!

We tend to advise against using RDT, since we have more reliable options available.

That said, if you want to use RDT, what you'll want to do is determine the applicable difference between your environment and your co-worker's. It could be UAC, network settings, or something else. 1909 is a very vague connectivity error which doesn't give us much to go on. In combination with those other errors though, I'm leaning towards there being something different in your network settings or connectivity.

Possibly others may chime in to help with more detailed suggestions. Our support advises against using RDT in general though.
Thanks for the quick reply, I figured 1909 was going to be a general error.  I'll check between my coworkers computer and mine for differences.
I'm still new to Webroot. What are these other reliable options you speak of?  If there are better ways to do this, I'd definitely want to know.
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My preference is MSI, but we also have a command line install option.
Both of those are detailed in the online console here: (you'll need to sign in)
When you use either of those options, you also get some handy command-line switches you can use.  Those are detailed more here.
And we've got an MSI tutorial available here as well.  I hope this helps!
Excellent, excellent!  Thanks for the resources, I appreciate it.