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  • 24 May 2012
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Hi Guys 
yea thanks for the heads up..
We currently have Webroot Anti Spyware with Antivirus on Corporate Edition. Im not sure to sure of the exact agent details. how do i get that?

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Actually, the agent version is not going to matter much then.
If possible, your best bet is going to be to be to get onto SecureAnywhere.  Free upgrade from us, newest technology, and good enough that I use the corporate product to manage my family's security in locationsfrom Hawaii to Florida and all points between.  Trust me, it's actually very extremely good.
If upgrading to SecureAnywhere is contraindicated for any reason, then we will want to get you in touch with the enterprise team directly.  They have a 24/7 presence and are the best to assist with the corporate products.  Be aware that their first push for any problems will always be "Let's please try to get this all upgraded to SecureAnywhere", but they can still assist with the older systems.
To calm you a touch, I can also point out helpfully that doing the upgrade is trivial and generally painless, as we've got a good handful of ways to help you get it done.
I've snagged your email from the forum system and we'll see if that coordinates with an enterprise contact to expedite things for you.  Either way, let me get those folks involved here. 🙂
Hey Kit 
thanks for the fast response. We have already got out Endpoint secure anywhere licences. Before we actually roll out the new Webroot secure anywhere AV we would like to understand and fix up our connection errors we are facing with the old version currently in use.
For some reason if the client PC does  not turn on for scans when we run our nightly scheduled sweeps across our network, and if this happens for a few days the client pc loses connection or is no longer recognised by the distributor and in turn comes up with a connection error.
We in this case usually re-install the client via GPO and run the first sweep and poll so that the Webroot Management console updates accordingly.We have around 750+ client PC's on the network. What id like to understand is why we keep getting connection errors on the clients?
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Good to hear on the preparations to swap, and understandable about the concerns.  While I have very basic information, I think it's best that we get somebody from Enterprise in here.  Expect information very soon.
Edit:  As a minor note, just from my knowledge of the older enterprise app and the possible causes of the issue, there is a chance that a machine failing to wake up might be the "cause" in the case, and as such the workaround would be to ensure the machine wakes up.  If that's the case, the alternate fix from our end would be the upgrade, because the primary fixes and ongoing development is in that package.  The incoming enterprise tech will have more overall information on it.
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 If it is just a few PC's experiencing this I recommend running the "SSECleanup.exe -remove" command on the end points and then reinstalling. If it is all or the majority of the 750+ then there is another underlying issue, perhaps a group policy that is causing issues.
To download the cleanup tool go to:
Please let me know if the cleanup tool is not an option.
Thank you