Really disappointed

I am a sysadmin for a medical group and tried "webroot" on 3 test machines..

While initially happy, their are a couple game stoppers...
"waiting for webroot extention"  absolute disaster....  The 3-6 second delay is awful.. While it may not sould like much, some of our machines must bounce around insurance sites at a rapid pace and I had insuracne billers light fire to my office over this...
Secondly, stopping it was not exactly what I would call intuitive..
Finally uninstalled webroot (did not kill off this issue) and then killed off the extension in Chrome..   (two step process? does not seem quite right but I could not find any documentation on this)..
Lastly... while I can appreciate security,  wtf is this security code thing on logon?  really?  while I do not mind secondary layers of security,  lets try to stick with something already established and working?  
Really silly SNAFU's but I have my hands full already.....

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Sorry you had a bad experience.  It sounds like you might have been trying out the consumer version, since the business version doesn't use a browser extension - does that sound right?
For the console login, I agree that the security code isn't the best.  My understanding is that we'll be switching that over to a 2-factor authentication system at some point.  If it really bugs you, you can just use 6 repeating digits so that you only have to put in the same digit no matter what positions it is asking for.
2-factor would be an incredilbe improvement over the current solution. 
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So we did just add the option to remove the security code, in yesterday's update, so there's some progress 🙂