Recommendation for Global Default Overrides for MSP

  • 29 July 2015
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Hi, what is recommended best settings for global default overrides for msp?
We have 50+ separate SMB sites, and a lot of them have unique applications that are not in the Global database so we find there are alot of overrides / good to be made for each account.
Should we bother to seperate these overrides out and apply to the individual site policy, or simply take all the programs that we know are good and simply add them to the global "good" overrides.
Thank you!

3 replies

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I guess it depends if there is a lot of software that is common between the sites. If you do have common software it would be much less troublt to create it as a global override then a site override.
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Thank you for the quick reply!   Any disadvantages?  We have quite 75+ sites, many with unique softwares. 
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There are no disadvantages to using the global white lists.