Remote deployment - automatic add to group?

  • 8 March 2013
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Wondering if it's at all possible to automatically move a new computer to another group?  Preferably via the command line or MSI.
We're about to begin a rollout and would like to put each department into different groups, obviously this can be done via the management console, but we'd prefer to automate it a bit more.
Any help appreciated.

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3 replies

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Please submit this to the Ideas Exchange. I have heard of a private API Webroot provides to certain customers but my understanding is that it's very weak at this point. I read it in a review somewhere from an MSP.
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Done, thanks.  Hopefully there is an easy option, or it could be integrated easily.
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One thing I will say Ryan:
When we first started using WSA we too were disappointed by the lack of Group functionality/inability to sync with the AD structure. 
However, at this point I'm managing 1400 computers with only the default group. We haven't found the need for them. Just something to keep in mind though I'm in no way discounting your requirements.