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  • 26 September 2013
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Please help me out to find the WSA Remote Deployment tool. 

10 replies

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I could be mistaken, but I think it is discontinued.
The Help still lists it (, but the actual program is not there anymore.
It used to be available under the Resources tab of the Console, however it's no longer there.
Last time I saw it, it came with the message that other methods were preferred.
Maybe someone else can confirm this?
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Thanks Johan! You are correct - the remote deployment tool was discontinued in favor of standard installation, command line installation, and MSI deployment, which are all still supported.
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I use PDQ Deploy.
Not a plug, i just think it works great.
G'day Stewy!

Im facing the same here. Im Using PDQ deploy to run uninstallatiion however it is not working. Im not to familiar with this PDQ Deploy. What paramters did you use in the command line to uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere endpoints? 
Im currently using /autouninstall= Password (used to install). the installation file is a .exe installer file and not .msi
any help is appreciated
PLP Support
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I just used the straight exe file (file name converted to key name so it deploys properly). Using the key as the filename is the trick for silent deployment.
The only parameter i put in there is "/silent".
so the parameters for PDQ Deploy to not apply??
My issue is not in the installation. It is in trying to uninstall the endpoints using PDQ deploy. I think im confusing myself with the parameters to use to get PDQ deploy to uninstall....sigh... webroot parameters or PDQ deploy?
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"/silent" would be the PDQ parameter to enter, but this is only for a straight deployment.

I removed the previous AV myself since i never really trusted outside uninstallers. It was a pain, but at least i was sure there would be no bad interactions. I'm totally gun-shy after Norton removals years ago.
thanks mate
I was trying to avoid having to do the same, but in saying that i totally agree with the reasoning behind it.
thanks for the advise. :D
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As my company is convinced they are too small for windows volume licensing and a baseline image I'm stuck hands on with any PC I deploy anyway, so I've always just manually installed webroot durring that process. 
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Baseline images are free if you're using Windows Deployment Services and leverage it's built-in ability to dynamically deploy drivers during the imaging process. Desktop, laptop, Dell, HP, whatever it doesn't matter, all you need is just one image. It does require some time and learning investment though - it's not click it and you're done.