Reset Stat Counter For Local Agent

  • 30 March 2018
  • 1 reply

I've got a support request for this one, but I figured I'd ask this anyway just in case someone else knows the answer, if not I should hopefully have the answer and will post it here for posterity.
We're unable to reset the counter on the local agent as we use the secure anywhere portal and it won't allow us to make that change on the agent, but I also see no reset statistics option in the secure anywhere portal?

Basically we want to avoid a scenario where the users overreact over recently found threats as they've all been eliminated.


1 reply

Sounds like there isn't quite an option from the secure anywhere portal.
There is however the possibility of setting the the agent to unmanaged and then clearing the stats from the agent itself.
Would be nice if maybe this became a feature to do it in the portal itself.